Eastwood v Gordon GRAND FINAL

What the Coach thought…

Everyone keeps telling the group “you did so well to get to the grand final” and I agree it was a super effort but nothing can hide the disappointment of the grand final loss on the weekend.

The whole team believed we could have won it and with maybe a ounce of luck and some better execution in the key moments we would have won but unfortunately grand finals are ruthless and there are no second chances .

Its been a hell of a year though and this group has the makings of a squad that could become a dominant force over the next few years.

  • 3 players out of the 23 are just 20 years old
  • while 9 Players out of 23 made their 1st grade debut this year.

But for now its feet up and enjoy a well earned break – after all 2021 is just 2 months away.

Ben Batger