Eastwood Rugby is a rugby union club playing in the Sydney Premier Rugby competition. The club currently plays at T G Millner Field. The Eastwood District extends from the Parramatta River at Meadowbank to the Hawkesbury River at Wisemans Ferry.

Founded: 1947
Home Ground: T G Millner Field
Nickname: The Woods, Woodies
Premiership Titles: 1999, 2002, 2003, 2011, 2014, 2015

Club history

Rugby has been played in the Northern Districts of Sydney since the latter part of the 19th century. In the late 1890s a number of local sides existed playing at a variety of venues, the main one being Brush Farm.

With the outbreak of the Great War, senior rugby was suspended with many of the players enlisting, a number paying the supreme sacrifice.

Following W.W.1, the strength of Rugby in Eastwood and in Epping was centred around the respective Young Men’s Institutes which fielded junior and senior sides in the Suburban Competition (this competition was next in importance to the District Competition). Epping won the Kentwell Cup in 1926 and Eastwood won the Burke Cup in 1927. At this time, Epping played at Epping Oval and Eastwood played at Eastwood Oval.

Following further success in the 1930s, momentum was building to seek admission into the District Competition. The outbreak of the Second World War caused a deferral of this plan until 1946 when a successful application was made for inclusion in the District Competition from the beginning of the 1947 Season. This was following the amalgamation of the Eastwood and Epping Clubs. As a result, the Eastwood District Rugby Union Football Club was formed and it has played in the Sydney District Competition ever since. In 1963, EDRUFC moved its home ground to TG Millner.

The Club has won a number of minor grade and Colts competitions over the years but did not win the 1st-grade major premiership trophy until 1999. In an historic win, the Club won the Shute Shield for the first time by defeating Sydney University in the Grand Final.

Since formation, the Club has produced numerous players who have played International rugby. Eastwood has a strong junior base which has won many NSW Junior Rugby Union State Championships.

Junior Clubs

  • Northern Barbarians (formerly Beecroft-Cherrybrook)
  • Central Eastwood (formerly Hillview and Epping Juniors)
  • Dural Rugby
  • North Rocks Rugby
  • Redfield Rugby (Minis only)
  • Ryde Rugby


Aaron Cabonaro000050
Luke Mewjork000040
Lachlan Andrews000030
Lachlan Hughes000000
Lachlan Jones000000
Lachy Hughes000000
Lee Green000010
Liam Clark000000
Liam Davidson000000
Liam Harris000000
Liam Quinn000000
Luca Flore000080
Luke Casey000000
Luke Russo000000
Kieran Albertini000000
Luke Thierry000040
Lyle Mewton000000
Marcus Creais000010
Mark Frost000000
Marty Roebuck000000
Matt Miller000010
Max Hibbard000060
Michael Shepherd000000
Moi Kaufononga000000
Naibuka Nakavo000000
Nathan Grice000010
Kyle Leschke000000
Kereta Malologa000000
Nathan Watson000000
Joel Prescott000000
James Burfitt000000
James Marsden000000
James McWade000000
Jamieson Clark000040
Jamieson Williams000000
Jared Berndt000000
Jarrod Nenjipa000010
Jason Madz000010
Jeff Reid000010
Jey Vuki000040
Joel Edwards000070
John Oxford000000
Keanu Peters000000
Jonathan Papantoniou000000
Jonathon McGill000010
Jordan Gillespie000010
Josh Kite000030
Josh Zammit000000
Joshua Anderson0000220
Joshua Bass000000
Joshua Denison000040
Joshua Harris000000
Aaron Carbonaro000050
Kaleikaumaka Konrad000000
Nathan Spooner000010
Nicholas Coulton000030
Jacob Kerr000000
Timothy Scarr000000
Scott Staniforth000010
Scott Wisemantle000010
Shane Meni000000
Sione Manakofua000000
Tannous Ferris000070
Ted Smith000060
Terence Toomata0000110
Tevita Alofaki000000
Thomas O’Connor000060
Tim Donnelly000000
Timothy McDonald000000
Tom Benson000010
Sam Vaughan000000
Tom Peacock000090
Tom Robson000020
Tom Vincent000000
Travis Hall000010
Vidar Tupou000090
Wes Faupula000000
Will Thomas000000
William Dunn000000
William Swan000020
Zac Herron000000
Zane Dean-Matthews000050
Samuel Martin000030
Sam McCaffrey000000
Nicholas Radford000010
Raymond-Lee Nagel000060
Nicholas Reid0000200
Nick Johnson000000
Nick Radford000030
Nick Russell000000
Oliver Sellars000000
Oliver Wheatley0000120
Patrick Bower000000
Patrick Harrison000030
Patrick Sanford000020
Paul Ng Shiu000010
Rangi Ferguson000000
Richard Hardwick000010
Sam Manion000000
Rob Cusack000000
Rob D Millner000000
Robert Fynes-Clinton000000
Robert Simmers000000
Roberto Ipiniu000050
Rod Moore000010
Russell Josephs000000
Ryan Peacock000010
Sam Bennetts000010
Sam Cullen000000
Sam Dover000030
Jacqueline Harrison000000
K Adams000020
Jacob Fattore000020
Daniel Lucky0000100
Cameron Howard000000
Cameron Lee000000
Chantelle Fornari000070
Chet Greatbatch-Murphy000000
Clyde Muller000000
Connor McMullen000000
Conor O’Brien000000
Daniel Cosgrove0000160
Daniel Loneragan000000
Daniel Rugg000050
Cameron Fear000010
Daniel Ryan000000
Daniel Townsend000000
Daniel Wu000000
David Fangaloka000060
Dom Goodman000040
Dominic Biggs000000
Duncan Ryan000030
Dylan Grant000000
Dylan Houldsworth000000
Cameron Goodacre000000
Blake Kelly000000
Fergus Lyons000070
Andrew Graham000050
Aaron Evans000000
Aaron Johnson000000
Adam Campbell000080
Adam Leach000010
Albert Penisini000000
Alex Moore0000300
Alexander Maguire000060
Alison Grecian (Smith)000000
Andrew Dostine000000
Angus Arundel000030
Bill Young000010
Angus McCormack000000
Anthony Shahla000000
Archibald Williams000000
Arthur Garvan000060
Bailey Liddicoat000070
Barry Taylor000000
Ben Batger000000
Ben Rice000010
Ben Smith000000
Ethan Crosby000040
Daniel Darwall000000
Zane Underwood000040
Hamish Fisher000000
Hamish Southwell000000
Grayson Thomas000070
Harrington Coombs000020
Isaiah Paulo000000
Grant McNamee000010
Ikapote Tupai000070
Jack Voulgaris000000
Jack Allsop000000
Jack Cale000000
Isaac Hoyle000080
Jack Quadrio000000
Jack Turkic000040
Hannah Horton-Boyers000000
Jackson Cole000000
Jack Hando0000110
Jackson Higgins000000
Jack Harrison000000
Ezra Paulo0100102
Timothy Potter0200114
Andrew Moore020084
Cory Johnstone100035
Daniel Clark100045
Nicholas McGrory100085
Hugo Clarke100065
Peter Schuster100095
Clancy Donnan100025
Jack Parsons1000105
Patrick O’Connor1000115
Charlie Cale100025
Sione Tangi100045
Rhys Sheriff1000385
Richard Casali1000135
Jack Elster1000125
Brandon Moore1000105
Bradley Male100095
Rohhan Zebib1000145
Sean O’Brien100075
Jack Lafolafo Crichton100095
Ben Rosada100075
Daniel Gilbert100065
Joe Dalton100045
Daniel Minto1000205
Joshua Lambert1000105
Amato Litara100015
Tom Murphy100095
Alex Pappalardo1000135
Louis Heaton100095
Dylan Madden100095
E Thew100015
Vince Ball100015
Lefu Ioapo1000165
Krishan Casinader100065
Jackson Larkin1000165
Mitchell Winslade1000145
Mac Bird030086
Sione Latu Talakai20001310
Elvis Opetaia2000810
Joshua Canham2000910
Eric Tauiliili2000710
George Crawley20001010
Jacob Bamford20001010
Jonte Witt2000410
Sione Tau2000810
Ken Smallwood2000110
Charles Granger20003710
Armstead, Ken20001010
Thomas Alexander20001910
Mila Hingano20002310
Tevita Piukala20001610
Pama Fou20001210
Daniel Harvey2000810
Devan Stoltz2000910
Taufatoutai Luani2000410
Patrick Minogue21001112
Michael Tamone21001512
Semisi Kioa2100812
Jack Newsome0420114
Thomas Goddard3000415
Sione Fangia30001215
Jed Gillespie30002015
James Neale30001815
Jack Whittaker3000715
Tobias Vieira3000815
James Lynch30001415
Tom Hando3000515
Atieli Pakalani30001515
Ben Harkin30003315
Thomas Watson30001015
Rhys Allen30001715
Max Stewart30004515
Lachlan Anderson3000215
Lachlan Shelley3000615
Manasa Rokosuka30001615
Brad Meehan3000715
Kyle Shewan30001915
Harry Wilson16001017
Matthew Collins0900518
Willie Leoso40001120
Luke Osborne1610720
Jacob Harrington4000820
Kyle Johnson4000920
Ratu Tuisese40001020
Barton Picone40001720
Luke Grima33001621
Reagan Harris2700824
Robert Lagudi50001925
Ben James50002725
Chris Bell26201028
Josh Hickey60001230
Michael Snowden60001930
Patrick Sio60002430
Nick O’Connor60001330
Mark Nawaqanitawase60001230
Blake Sutton010401432
Tim Simona61001232
Patrick Reynolds3810934
Fabian Goodall70001335
Dean Doumbos70001735
James Sarks70003335
Joshua Noonan70001235
Timothy Anstee7000735
Mark Quadrio80001540
Benjamin Shelley57101642
Enoka Muliufi90002645
Lachlan Burland90001745
Ed Craig100002950
Joey Afualo100002550
Kitione Ratu100001650
Thomas Ragell79001053
Michael Icely110002355
Sam Cale41910761
Ben Coady130001865
Timothy Williams131002367
James Martin124001768
Matthew Gonzalez160002680
Tane Edmed040501095
Jackson Bird429702999
Samuel Dolores2600032130
James Day53711028132
Tayler Adams45315018171