Date Time Competition Season Match Day
May 25, 2020 1:25 pm 2nd Grade 2019 Round 8

West Harbour

Position T C P DG YC RC Games Adjustment


# Player Position T C P DG YC RC Games Adjustment
1Ben HarkinLoose Head0000000
2Max StewartHooker0000000
3Rhys SheriffTighthead0000000
4Manasa Rokosuka 18LLock0000000
5Joshua AndersonRLock0000000
6Mark Quadrio 17Blindside2000000
7Charles GrangerOpenside0000000
8Joey AfualoNumber Eight1000000
9Matthew Gonzalez 20Halfback0000000
10Ben JamesFive-eighth0000000
11James Sarks 21Left Wing0000000
12Timothy WilliamsInside Centre0000000
13Barton PiconeOutside Centre0000000
14Samuel DoloresRight Wing1000000
15James Day 22Full-back0200000
17Jackson Larkin 6Blindside0000000
18Alex Moore 4RLock0000000
20Benjamin Shelley 9Halfback0000000
21Ben Coady 11Left Wing0000000
22James Martin 15Full-back0000000
 Total 4200000

S&C/Water Runner: Jono Maree
Physio: Emma Craig
Doctor: Andrew Webster
Co-Coach: Shawn Howell
Coach: John Carters


T G Millner Field
T.G. Millner, Vimiera Rd, Marsfield, Sydney, Council of the City of Ryde, 2122, Australia