Date Time Competition Season Match Day
September 12, 2020 11:50 am Colts 1 2020 R9





Colts 1 LOST 15 – 40

Same record, just a different day. Squandering quality possession should be a rare thing that is absolutely frowned upon during any match however, we have made it an art form over consecutive weeks. Coupled with two yellow cards and more penalties than we can afford in any game, Colts 1 lost the match to Manly in a ten minute window, where the visitors ran in three tries against thirteen Woodsmen….. and we never recovered on the scoreboard.

Game management is a challenge for this relatively young group and we continue to place hurdles in front of ourselves without the opposition lifting a finger. Dropped balls, speculative passes when hard on attack, blatant missed tackles, stupid penalties and a failure to play the game at the other end combine to conspire against us each week.

When we work it out, we can compete with the best teams so that remains our challenge over the remaining matches.

Craig Morrison


# Player Position T C P DG YC RC Games Adjustment
1Terence Toomata-------0
2Patrick Minogue-----Y-0
3Nicholas McGrory-------0
4Aaron Carbonaro-------0
5Bailey Liddicoat-------0
6Oliver Wheatley-------0
7Ben Rosada-------0
8George Crawley-----Y-0
9Josh Hickey-------0
10Andrew Moore-------0
11Patrick Reynolds-1-----0
12Reagan Harris-------0
13Kyle Johnson-1-----0
14Tobias Vieira-------0
15Thomas Watson-------0
19Raymond-Lee Nagel-------0
21Ezra Paulo-------0
22Thomas Ragell-1-----0
24Nicholas Radford-------0
29Dylan Madden-------0
12Bradley Male-------0
23Jack Elster-------0
 Total 3000000


Position T C P DG YC RC Games Adjustment


T G Millner Field
T.G. Millner, Vimiera Rd, Marsfield, Sydney, Council of the City of Ryde, 2122, Australia